Film Marketing Tips for Indie Filmmakers

Article written by Sid Solomon

Big budget movies often spend twice as much on the marketing of a film than they do on the actual production. Indie filmmakers aren’t in the position to spend a hundred million dollars or more on marketing. Fortunately, there have never been more options available to those willing to be creative, work hard, or have a little money to spend.

Digital marketing agency: A digital marketing agency can offer a mix of web design, social media marketing, internet advertising, and search engine optimization. This is a much less expensive option than utilizing TV, radio, or print advertising.

Attend a film festival: Get your film in front of film fans and those in the industry. There’s no better audience to spread the word.

YouTube and other social media sites: Social media platforms are popular and free. For a small expense, you can also purchase advertising. Create a trailer for your movie and allow the world to see it. A digital marketing company will use social media extensively.

Create a blog: Create a blog to share information about your film. Include interesting photos and anecdotes about the filmmaking process. Market the blog, too.

There are several ways to market your film. A company that specializes in digital marketing in Los Angeles makes sense for those with a little money to spend. They understand the digital marketing universe and are located in the filmmaking hub.