Celeb makeup artist says that these 3 trends need to go

22Written by Costbuys

Some makeup trends can flatter anyone, while others need to fade away as they create a homogenized look that doesn’t enhance the wearer’s natural beauty. Here are 3 trends that are on their way out;

The Trend: Highlighter overload – The reason makeup artist’s highlight is to soften and create a radiant completion. But for some reason, people have started using too much illuminator in everyday situations. Lighting has a big part to play in highlighting and therefore in subtle light, highlighting will create a soft glow. However, in harsh lighting or daylight, your face will be a distraction.

The Trend: Floating block brows – Your brows frame your face and create symmetry to your face. This trend has seen many buying brow kits from online discount shopping stores. However, if you don’t get the color or the feathering right, you could look like you have two large caterpillars on your face. Instead, draw in your missing hairs with a pencil and apply some powder in a similar shade.

The Trend: The winged liner and cut-crease combo – Winged eyeliner has become a trend when magazines started pushing sultry, retro looks. Not every eye shape can carry liquid eyeliner and winged tips. For example, if you have big bold eyes, it’s best to opt for mascara instead. Therefore avoid looking like a cartoon character and keep the liner and wings thin and close to the eye.

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