Caitlyn Jenner is excitement about Kylie Jenner’s baby news

Caitlyn Jenner was excited that her daughter Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child with Travis Scott. She said on Instagram that she was grateful to be by her daughter’s side throughout this beautiful journey. She added the caption to a photo of Kylie Jenner as a baby.

Kylie who just turned 20, confirmed that she welcomed her first child and her baby weighed 8 lbs. and 9 oz.

Kylie announced that her pregnancy was beautiful and empowering and she is going to miss being pregnant. The star said that she was lucky to have a pregnancy with no complications and an easy delivery. She says that her relatively healthy active lifestyle and her age probably contributed to the smooth pregnancy.

She added that she is thankful to her family and friends who were by her side throughout the pregnancy and she has never felt so much love and happiness.

Sources say that Kylie couldn’t wait to bring her baby home and she is cherishing every minute.

The reality star has been showered with gifts that include several balloons, flowers, hand-written notes, and gifts from friends and family. Although the pregnancy was unexpected, Kylie and Travis were delighted to become parents and are now glad that they started this journey at such a young age. The couple want to grow their family and are looking forward getting married sometime in the near furture.