Why Actors Should Wear Contacts

While some people may view celebrities as stars whose lives are drastically different from those of the average people, that is not entirely true. Weak vision is a medical condition that can affect anyone. There are some particular reasons why investing in contact lenses might be wise for all actors, both seasoned and new.

Might Not Match Outfit

A third reason why eyeglasses may not be practical for a performing artist is because it simply may not match with the outfit or costume that they intend to wear. For a stage actor reenacting a period piece, eyeglasses may not fit the theme or the mood. Eyeglasses are much more flexible, because they can go with any outfit or headpiece you have in mind. The director of the film he is working on may not want eyeglasses to cover part of the actor’s face during some scenes.

Additionally, contact lenses might be necessary if the character the actor is playing as has different eye qualities. Similar to how costume designers can change an actor’s hairstyle to fit what the director has in mind, special contact lenses can be worn to change your eye color or enhance specific qualities of the eye.

Easier to Move Around

When you are acting on set you need to be prepared to move around and do what is necessary for the scene. Contacts for stores like Lens.com can give you the freedom to move around. Eyeglasses would get in the way for someone like Tom Cruise who is constantly running around and doing stunts.