Independent Films: A “No Holds Barred” Experience For All

Written by: Omar Amanat

Summary: Indie films are not under the spotlight, as opposed to big-time films. Creative and undiluted films are the result of this unbiased notion.

The major attraction for independent filmmakers in this day and age is that they have freedom of creativity, which many large-scale filmmakers lack. Now, there is a reason for this, and that’s fear. Big-time filmmakers are often afraid to release their films based on experimentation in regards to the content or direction because it poses a huge risk. If they end up failing, they may lose all of their funding, and the marketing will end up dead in the water. Ultimately, when one investor pulls out, word spreads like a wildfire. In the end, no one will back the production, which is why major filmmakers tend to play it safe. They stick with patterns that have had previous success and cater to the audiences’ likes. So, in order to avoid experimenting for a safe movie, the director’s creativity is ultimately sacrificed.

The Limitations of Going Indie

Indie films, on the other hand, don’t have the same limitations as major filmmakers do. The directors get to produce and direct an undiluted and unaltered version of their vision. Large-scaled movies need to cater to the public to provide a good return on investment to producers. This is not the case with indie filmmakers – although their films can lead to large commercial success; they do not follow any pre defined codes. Rather, they let their creativity and vision shine. The director’s inner soul is poured out into these movies, which is why there is a different vibe when you watch an indie movie.

What Leads to Success? Past Universal Success

Some codes that are followed by major filmmakers include casting famous actors and actresses. The reasoning behind this is simple, they’re popular and people love to see them. It doesn’t matter if the movie is unappealing or has no plot whatsoever, famous names bring in a large crowd. It’s essentially a universal success formula that’s been used for years.