Rosario Dawson speaks about her 26-year-old cousin death

The 38-year-old actress who appeared in the AOL’s BUILD series, for the first time spoke about the recent death of her 26-year-old cousin Vaneza Ines Vazquez.

Dawson said that she was dealing with a lot of loss and she has been leaning on close family and friends for support. The star said that she had closed herself off from close family and friends and now realized how important the bond is in times of trouble.

Dawson went on to say that she intends to never take anything for granted and strives to take advantage of every single moment. It is important she said to know that you may not live another day and that you tell people that you love and care about how much they mean to you. She now intends to concentrate on things that make her proud and was honored when she was awarded by The Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York for the funding and assistance she had provided.

Her work with the organization has made her realize that she is much more than her acting career. She intends to challenge herself and to keep growing and learning. To do this, she is learning to manage her time better and become more organized. Being lazy she said is taking time for granted. She intends to look at this death in her family as an opportunity to be grateful and to celebrate life.