Entertainment Law 101: A Brief Introduction to the Entertainment Lawyer

Article submitted by Barry K. Rothman

Entertainment law, despite what many believe, is distinct from other areas of law. To put it more frankly, there is no specific body of case that constitutes “entertainment law”.

What Exactly is an Entertainment Lawyer?

What an entertainment lawyer does are counsel clients on issues involving a variety of legal practice areas such as intellectual property, contracts, business, securities, taxation, litigation, and more. The legal practice areas on which the lawyer relies on the most depends on the nature of the client’s work within the entertainment industry. In other words, it tends to vary.

Rules and Regulations

Certain states have also implement statutes that pertain to the entertainment industry. A majority of entertainment contracts that are negotiated today are entered into and performed primarily in California and New York. Because of the fact that entertainment is so prevalent in these states, extensive regulation of the industry exists in those jurisdictions.

Breaking Down the Two “Entertainment Capitals” of the US

The choice of law for either state can single-handedly change the outcome in respect to the enforceability of the contract itself. If you are planning on becoming an entertainment lawyer yourself, it’s quite important that you have a working knowledge of the entertainment-related regulations in these two states – it will be essential for your career. Likewise, the attorney also needs to be able to actively identify and learn the entertainment-related statutes and regulations affecting the clients in his or her states. By understanding all aspects of these rules, the attorney can then modify his or her approach to the case depending on how the state’s entertainment legal sector is set up.

Article submitted by Barry K Rothman. Barry K. Rothman is a seasoned lawyer that has handled hundreds of high-profile cases. If you want to know more, take a look at all the Barry K. Rothman reviews and you’ll know why he and his firm have separated themselves from the pack.