Using Acoustic Foam for Sound Proofing Your Home Office

Working from home is a real joy for most people. There’s no commute into the city. You don’t have to dress up or even comb your hair, though most of us do. There are a number of great benefits to working from home but also a few drawbacks.

If you have a family or even a roommate, you will no doubt have to deal with noise. These can be noises from dogs barking, people talking, a television in another room or outside noises. The solution to this problem is to soundproof your office.

Sound proofing is an age-old remedy that works. It’s fairly easy to do and not expensive. You can purchase materials from websites like The Foam Factory, where you can also buy spray adhesive.

When it comes to sound proofing, there are many types of acoustic foam. Check them all out to see what will work best for your particular situation:

Acoustic wedge

Acoustic pyramid

Acoustic spade

Acoustic eggcrate

Acoustic wave

Acoustic grid

You can also purchase corner solutions and drop ceiling tiles. You can find plenty of ideas and help with this project on various websites. This is the type of project that you can easily do yourself. But you can also hire a company to come out and soundproof your office.

Whether you go with DIY or get some help, once your office is fully soundproofed, you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet you’ve longed for and you’ll be able to get your work done more efficiently.