How to use acoustic foam for sound proofing

We live in such a noisy world but there are some great solutions for businesses and individuals who require sound proofing. For many, the biggest dilemma they face is what types of acoustic foam products will work best for their particular situation.

Acoustical foam is available for both wall and ceiling applications. It comes in many shapes and sizes that offer a wide range of benefits.

Acoustic Foam Products

Wedge Foam: Wedge foam is not only affordable but it outperforms other products in this category. The foam is cut by a machine so it’s almost identical in shape and size. It can block out noise, eliminate echoes and the installation is pretty simple. This is a good choice for a sound studio.

Eggcrate/Convoluted Foam: Eggcrate acoustic soundproofing foam is a low-cost option for those who need the sound-deadening qualities offered by 2-inch wedge foam. It is often used in home studios and can be covered with acoustical cloth for an attractive appearance.

Pyramid Foam: Pyramid foam has a unique design that offers some features you won’t find in other types of foam. Since it has four sides, it can help reduce sounds like flutter echoes. You can get high-performing material at a low cost.

Find Assistance

Whether you want to block sound from transferring from room to room or match your décor with fabric wall panels, there’s an acoustic foam product that’s right for you. It can help, however, if you have professionals to help you select the right option. At The Foam Factory, our staff is always available.